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Title: The Ruby Slipper Dilemma and a Secondary Tale
Rating: T: gen
Word Count: 5600
Summary: Now that they are on Earth for the foreseeable future, flying monkeys would be easier to deal with than moving an entire city from one place to another especially when a familiar enemy gets in the way. Nothing ever goes right when John’s in charge, does it?
A/N: Written for the Summer Fic Exchange at sheppard_hc .  Had to fight lightning and wifi troubles to get this here.  

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Fic: Smallville: Whole New Ball Game

A/N: They are not mine
Summary: There's always more to the story and we all know Darkseid would want one last word.
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Been mainlining the past seasons of Smallville in preparation for the end.  Or the beginning of the rest of the story...

Here's the link because I'm tired.


Fic: Thicker Than Blood

Just decided to post a link instead.  Yeah, I know, it's almost a year.


Warehouse 13

Just not that impressed.  Last nights was boring when it shouldn't have been.  They are trying to shoehorn in the quirky.  Let it flow naturally and it will come.  The Warehouse is a great vehicle and they just can't wrangle it.


First, there is so much fic lately, my head is about to explode.  Good fic too.  Yay ficathons and challenges!

Second, Burn Notice...I love this show.  Missed the season premier but have it on my DVR to record.  Bruce Campbell is all sorts of good.

Third, Magic Bullet.  Those commercials crack me up.  Just saying.


I've been writing!  I'm so excited because I'd fallen into a doldrums.  Ideas, but no desire type of thing.  So hopefully a story will get posted before everyone loses interest. 

Fic: Existence Qualified

This is another tag to Vegas and also not a fix it.  It is John's turn.  The drive to protect landed him here in the first place and will see him through to the end.


Existence QualifiedCollapse )

Fic: As It Is

I should clarify that this is a look at the two characters we met in the episode: Vegas.   This is not a fix it tag.  Consider yourself warned.  I believe this episode has become my second favorite SG franchise episode behind Window of Opportunity.  I'm just crazy like that.

There were differences and similarities between the two Sheppards.  But Rodney has a life to get back to.

As It IsCollapse )

Prodigal Tag-- Like Bad Wallpaper

I absolutely loved this episode.  It had everything an action/adventure show  should have.


In Teyla's mind, Michael made three mistakes.Collapse )